About us
U.S. CENTRO Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, mainly for the technical development and sales of power adapters, switching power supplies, and switches; the products are mainly sold in North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and mainland China.

Our company has a complete technical management system, engineering quality assurance system and after-sales service system. Can provide customers with excellent design assistance and technical support in a timely manner. Pre-sale technical consultation, conscientious and rigorous installation and configuration process and timely and efficient after-sale tracking service company's reputation guarantee.

In 2012, our company has established a Shenzhen branch to provide more efficient and comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services.
Was Founded
Brand Purpose

With the new design concept, high quality, extraordinary craftsmanship and highly responsible service attitude, the products provided are deeply recognized and appreciated by customers. Continuously improve ourselves in self-transcendence, provide more high-quality products and services with more professional spirit and better products.
Corporate philosophy
The company has strong strength, credibility, keeping contracts, and ensuring product quality, and has won the trust of our customers. The safety precaution system is an application system related to the safety of life and property. The company pursues reliable quality, excellent quality, first-class products and sincere service to provide high-quality and safe products for customers in various industries. We are convinced that the company is united from top to bottom, diligent, loyal and faithful, self-improvement, advancing with the times, harmonious cooperation with all sectors of society, mutual benefit and win-win, we can continue to advance in the competition, constantly improve ourselves, surpass ourselves, continuous progress, create brilliant!